Automobile connector Harness plug three-core

Application scenarios: smart home, automobile, industry, electronic broadband, medical care, new energy.

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Product Description

The injection molding of imported PBT new material for the shell has very good chemical stability, flexibility, strength, electrical insulation, fatigue resistance, dimensional stability, heat aging resistance, etc., and can be grown in the environment of -40~120°C Years of use, we pay more attention to the details, quality assurance colleagues, fine workmanship, using buckle design, simple structure, convenient disassembly, safe and humanized design integrated injection molding, stronger, durable, and better than similar details. High-precision and environmentally friendly brass stamping and forming can improve the conductivity of connector nodes and ensure the working stability and reliability of electrical components. The surface treatment of the terminal is tin-plating process, which has good oxidation resistance, tin-plated material, and real materials. The core wire is made of oxygen-free fine copper, with low eccentricity, PE insulation layer, solid extrusion wrapping process, uniform thickness of wire, effectively preventing current from breaking through the fire silicone sheath, transparent, soft, foldable, high temperature and low temperature resistant.

Product Parameters

Shell material: PBT Waterproof grade: IP67
Applicable temperature: -40°C~120°C Terminal material: H62 brass terminal
Wire material: oxygen-free fine copper  

 Our Advantages

1.At the core of our Automotive Connector Harness Plug Three Cores is its high-precision, environmentally friendly brass stamping. This feature significantly boosts the conductivity of connector nodes, ensuring electrical currents flow smoothly and efficiently. The result is a much more stable and reliable electrical system, where components always work as intended. 2.What's more, our Automotive Connector Harness Plug Three Cores is treated with a tin-plated process that guarantees excellent oxidation resistance. This surface treatment ensures that the product can withstand harsh environmental conditions and remain functional for extended periods without wear or damage. The product also features real materials for optimum performance, adding to its overall durability. 3.The functionality of the Automotive Connector Harness Plug Three Cores is second to none. It is a plug-and-play design, easy to install and adapt to various automotive systems. With an output of up to 300 words, this product description provides a comprehensive overview of the key features that make it an excellent choice for automotive systems.

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