N Male to SMA Male Adapter Cable

Pneumatic crimping machine, 2T pneumatic crimping can ensure that the RF connector is firmly connected to the feeder through the crimping tube for inspection and testing, and the advanced network analysis instrument is used to conduct standing wave and loss tests on the feeder.

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European pure copper feeder, oxygen-free copper shielding layer, strengthens the stable transmission of signals, and the PVC sheath has good airtightness, which protects the core and has excellent waterproof and moisture-proof performance. All-copper gold-plated SMA outer screw inner needle, inner screw inner hole, not afraid of bending , high flexibility, pull resistance and bending resistance, new environmentally friendly PVC/PUR, softer, better toughness, can withstand long-term repeated winding waterproof grade IP67 protection cable safety waterproof connector, oil-resistant cable, not easy to slip, long-term The use is not easy to mix with water, full gold-plated contacts, effective transmission of signal data without interruption single and double heads, a variety of interface technology to meet the needs of different equipment, plug and play, pure copper telecom grade connectors, low loss feeder, waterproof with adhesive heat Shrink tube protection, joint types can be combined at will, combined as much as possible, and automatic production process can be matched as needed. Computer automatic wire cutting machine, the length can be set freely, automatic cutting, sufficient meter guarantee, batch order to ensure that each feeder has the same length, automatic wire stripping machine, set the stripping size according to different RF connectors, to ensure that each The core length of the feeder is the same. The solder is made of lead-free silver-containing tin wire. The solder with strong fluidity is more plump and even in the pinhole.

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