Car headlight wiring harness 2.0

The high-quality customized wiring harness surpasses the quality of the original wiring harness, and the real high-temperature-resistant wiring harness, the original wiring harness can withstand a temperature of about 90 degrees, and the customized wiring harness can withstand a temperature of more than 200 degrees.

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High-strength nylon, high-efficiency combustion, high precision and low resistance, the terminal is made of gold-plated pure copper, the connector composed of various parts is made of excellent material, and the working performance is stable. The rubber shell is made of insulating material, which is not easy to burn in case of fire. Safe and reliable, waterproof grade IP67 grade, dustproof performance is stable, reliable and durable, anti-oxidation, excellent welding performance, improve the conductivity of connector nodes to ensure the working stability and reliability of electrical components. The core wire adopts UL certification and 3C certification Why choose us? 1. Low impedance. 2. Strong stability. 3. Factory direct sales. 4. Quality assurance. 5. High temperature resistance. 6. Good heat dissipation. 7. Easy installation. 8. Easy welding. 9. Perfect after-sales service. Application scenarios Mainly used for car connected headlights, Volkswagen, SAIC Volkswagen, Shanghai Volkswagen VW, Passat B5, Lingjia, new Passat, Touran, Huiang, Phaeton, Tuyue, Touron, CC, POLP, Lavida (both Indicates the applicable model) is not any product brand.

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1.One of the main advantages of automotive headlight wiring harness 2.0 is its ability to withstand high temperatures. While the original wiring harness in your vehicle may only be able to withstand temperatures around 90 degrees, our custom harnesses can withstand temperatures well over 200 degrees. This makes them ideal for high performance vehicles or applications where extreme temperatures may be encountered. 2.Car Headlight Wiring Harness 2.0 is manufactured with the highest quality materials and components ensuring maximum reliability and durability. Each seat belt is expertly crafted and tested to ensure it meets or exceeds our stringent quality standards, so you can trust it will provide years of trouble-free service. 3.Our wiring harnesses are fully customizable to fit various vehicle makes and models, so you can be confident that your headlights will work seamlessly with your vehicle's electrical system. These harnesses feature high-quality connectors, terminals and insulation to ensure a strong and reliable connection even in harsh conditions.

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