Waterproof plug harness DT04-2P

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Silicone waterproof plug. PA66 nylon material. Waterproof silicone ring, anti-leakage, precision manufacturing can also play a role in anti-collision, prevent water ingress, copper terminal, tin-plated surface, buckle design ready to use, easy to disassemble, can save money Time cost, combustion-supporting shell When the product accidentally catches fire, it will not cause a fire, let alone produce toxic gas. UL certification, CCC certification, CE certification, the shell is made of high-quality PC flame-retardant material, fire rating UL94 V-0, waterproof rating IP67, safe and reliable, wear-resistant, compressive, and can ensure the stability of use in complex and harsh environments , insulating material. Thickened copper plated with silver greatly enhances the conductivity, which helps prevent fires when large currents pass, and ensures stable current transmission. The copper terminals are easy to cold press and weld, and the wiring is faster and firmer. Application fields, transportation railway, electric bicycle, electric storage forklift, electric sightseeing car. High-speed rail, automobiles, mechanical equipment, robots, etc.

Our Advantages

1.The shell of this plug harness is made of high-quality PC flame-retardant material with a fire rating of UL94 V-0, ensuring its resistance to flames and high temperatures. Its waterproof rating of IP67 means it can withstand exposure to water and other liquids, making it ideal for use in complex and harsh environments. 2.In terms of electrical conductivity, the silver-plated thickened copper material greatly improves its performance, preventing fires from high currents and ensuring stable current transmission. The copper terminals are easy to cold press and solder, making installation and wiring faster and stronger. 3.The Waterproof Plug Harness DT04-2P is designed for use in various fields, such as transportation railway, electric bicycles, electric forklifts, electric sightseeing cars, high-speed rails, automobiles, mechanical equipment, and robots, among others. Its wear-resistant and compressive characteristics make it suitable for various applications and ensure stable use over a long period. 4.The insulating materials used in the Waterproof Plug Harness DT04-2P ensure that the electrical connections are secure and protected against external factors that could cause damage or interference. This feature also ensures that the electrical connections remain intact and maintain their integrity even in extreme conditions.

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